Car Manufacturer, Renault UK Sees 15% Uplift In Monthly Email Open Rate

Wir sind mit den erreichten Verbesserungen hoch zufrieden

"We are exceptionally pleased with the improvement in performance. DBGi demonstrated a level of insight into the factors that influence the success of our email broadcasts that we were not previously receiving. We have subsequently taken a decision to place all of our e-newsletter and e-DM work with DBGi.”

- Julien Régis Renault

The Challenge

Renault UK broadcasts a monthly enewsletter to its e-marketing database of approximately 650,000 email addresses. Renault was concerned that it was not achieving maximum inbox delivery for the emails, which was impacting the effectiveness of the program.

After attending several of DBGi’s email marketing seminars, Renault retained DBGi to conduct a consultancy exercise with a view to making recommendations that would improve Renault’s delivery metrics.

The Process

Over a period of 4 months, DBGi used Return Path’s deliverability monitoring tools to monitor Renault’s e-newsletters. They analyzed Renault’s email streams to assess the following:

  • Sender Score reputation metrics
  • Email rendering
  • Content assessment
  • Spam filter treatment
  • Inbox placement

After each month’s broadcast, a written report was submitted to Renault so that the learnings could be applied to the following month’s broadcast, thereby effecting an ongoing series of improvements.

Adjustments Made

  • Improved email address quality
  • Re-positioning of opt-out link
  • Reduced spam trigger words
  • Better use of trusted sender
  • Improved address quality
  • Improved image to text ratio
  • Changes in subject line length
  • Remove hidden text
  • Eliminate spam traps
  • Resolve URL grey listing

Over the consultancy period, Renault’s Sender Score improved from 75 to 95, while the corresponding delivery rates improved from 65% to 93%. These improvements resulted in an additional 8,000 email opens per month – an uplift of 15%. As there is a proven relationship between email response metrics and the number of sales that they deliver, the increased delivery rates has impacted very positively on Renault’s e-campaign ROI.