Citrix Online


Citrix Online connected with Return Path Certification and now sees a 95% Inbox Placement Rate.

Als Return Path zertifizierter Versender konnten wir eine Posteingangsrate von über 95 Prozent erreichen

"Sender Score Certified from Return Path helped Citrix Online achieve email delivery to the inbox exceeding 95%, increasing response rates and revenue, and greatly reducing inquiries from customers and prospects about undelivered transactional emails. I’d recommend Return Path and its Certification whitelisting program to anyone concerned about deliverability and is interested in reaching top-tier deliverability results.”

- Scott Barnett Citrix Online

Company Overview

Every month, more than 17,000 new customers start using Citrix Online tools to work from anywhere with anyone – using remote-connectivity and online collaboration solutions to connect to others around the world. Citrix Online relies on email to remind participants of upcoming demos, meetings, webinars and more. Making sure Citrix Online’s users receive their email is critical to their business model.


Because Citrix Online tools are user-friendly and “just like being there in person” online collaboration systems, a missing email can means a major breakdown in communication. Citrix Online’s rapid growth meant they soon started to face the many issues and problems that are common to commercial email senders: they found that their email was frequently blacklisted, delivered to the spam folder or had simply gone missing. To add to the problem, complaint rates were high and they didn’t have an unsubscribe or list removal process for bounces. Citrix Online knew they didn’t have the deliverability expertise that their situation required.

Citrix Online needed to make sure that their marketing and transactional emails were reaching the inboxes of users and online events participants, so their customers continued to experience seamless web-based services.


Citrix turned to Return Path’s Gold level of service to help solve their email deliverability issues. With Return Path Gold, Citrix Online received both the tools and customized account management to help them learn and institute the email Best Practices and adopt the rigorous changes needed. Over time, Citrix Online found that there wasn’t just any one single solution to their email deliverability issues, but instead a series of changes made by truly partnering with Return Path. They received ongoing support and learning which allowed them to keep their email program in-house instead of the outsourcing options that they were investigating.

Return Path’s dedicated team recommended many changes both to their email infrastructure (such as changing their reverse DNS to match their mail server name, as well as using a naming convention that ISPs require) and a combination of best practices, including changes to their unsubscribe protocols.

These changes resulted in a deliverability increase to 85%. However, Citrix Online was still facing complaints from customers about delivery of transactional emails. Happy with the progress they had seen through their existing partnership, but knowing they could improve further, Citrix was able to apply for and be accepted for Return Path Certification.


Citrix Online quickly found that becoming Return Path Certified made a tremendous difference in their email programs. Their Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) skyrocketed to 95%! They found that the institutionalization of best practices, coupled with the monitoring and insight provided by Certification and the Return Path partnership and allowed for not only greater deliverability, and improvement to their overall email program.

Becoming Return Path Certified provides Citrix Online with the frequent feedback that they need to monitor and seek out small problems before they become large issues. Citrix Online learned that by paying careful attention to the complaint rate, you will have a great early indicator of whether their carefully-tested email creative was resonating with their audience. If a new email campaign triggered a rise in complaint rates, it was a good sign that something needed to be changed or tweaked.

Not only is Citrix Online able to quickly spot potential problems, they are also now able to capitalize on their existing success. After earning Return Path Certification, one of their highest revenue-driving emails experienced a 30-40% increase in response rates, largely credited to their improved deliverability.

Another unexpected but very welcome benefit to Return Path Certification is the dramatic drop in complaints and issues raised around email to Citrix Online’s Global Customer Support organization. Customers were now receiving the emails that they were expecting, and were therefore more satisfied with the overall level of service. This led to higher customer satisfaction and trust in Citrix solutions.